History of magazine

    ‘Architectus’ is a scientific journal published since 1997 by the Department of Architecture of the Wrocław University of Technology. The initiator of creating such a periodical was the dean of the Department, Professor Stanisław Medeksza, who in 1996 suggested to Professor Ewa Łużyniecka such an undertaking with her as chief editor. Then, the formula of the journal was created, the title was chosen, and the editorial group under the direction of Doctor Danuta Sowińska was appointed. As a result of a students’ contest the graphic get-up of the paper was chosen. The authors were fourth-year student - Artur Błaszczyk and Krzysztof Faleńczyk. Also, the editorial board was appointed: Professors Zbigniew Bać, Edmund Małachowicz, Tadeusz Zipser and Stanisław Medeksza. Doctor’s also took part in the editorial work: Magdalena Baborska-Narożny (1999), Maria Starczewska (1999), Andrzej Legendziewicz (1999-2001) and Małgorzata Doroz (2003, 2004).
    In the successive numbers of the journal there were articles related to both the theory of contemporary and historical architecture as well as urban planning, the forming of green belts, aesthetics, construction, etc. In the hitherto published paper numbers there have appeared works related to realized architectonic and urban planning projects and also presentations of philosophical views bound with the reception of architecture. Room has been foreseen for the presentation of well known personages of academic and professional life. Also, problems related to education of architecture programs and student life have been discussed.
    The articles have been published in conference languages or they end with a summary in the English language. Captions have been translated into English. Translations were made by Marzena Łuczkiewicz.

    All the articles have been supplemented with a biblio-graphy and often with foot-notes. After acceptance of the journal’s number by the editorial board all the articles were reviewed and underwent an editorial and language correction. The periodical soon became an all-Polish journal, and since the year 2000 is presented by the American publishing house of Penrose Press in the ‘International Directory of Design’ in the section of Architecture, Urban Planning and Landscape Design.
    The first change in the editorial board took place in 2000. Professor Zipser and Professor Medeksza stopped working in it and were replaced by Professors Elżbieta Trocka-Leszczyńska and Eugeniusz Bagiński. Since 2003 there are also scientists from outside Wrocław: Professors Andrzej Tomaszewski and Zygmunt ¦wiechowski from Warsaw and Józef Lenartowicz from Cracow.
    Patrons of the journal since 2007 are the Polish Academy of Sciences, Wrocław Section, as well as the Polish National Committee of the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS) - reports of works of this committee are periodically presented in the journal.
    The increasing interest with the paper, especially of scientists from abroad, has mobilized the editorial office to carry out successive changes. In 2008 scientists from foreign academies have been invited to take part in the work of the editorial board. These are: Professor Tore I. Brandstvein Haugen from Norway (Fakultet for architektur og billedkunst, Norges tekniks-naturvitenskapelige universitet, Trondheim), Professor Joaquim Braizinha from Portugall (Universidade Lusiada de Lisbona) and Professor Vladimir Šlapeta from the Czech Republic (Fakulta architectury VUT, Brno). Also, architects from Wrocław have become members of the board: Assistant Professors Jerzy Charytonowicz, Małgorzata Chorowska, Tomasz Ossowicz and Doctor Ada Kwiatkowska. At this time also Danuta Sowińska, the editor, transmitted her responsibilities to Anna Miecznikowska. The function of secretary of the editorial office was entrusted to Doctor Ewa Cisek, while the technical elaboration of the articles was given to Doctor Dorota Łuczewska.
    In the years 2008–2012 ‘Architectus’ was published only in English. However, on the basis of opinions which reached the Editorial Office, from 2013 it was decided to revert to publishing works in the Polish language. Nevertheless, the respected practice of publishing works in congress languages (above all in English, French and German) was not given up. From that year due, to a dynamic development of the periodical and increasing interest in the journal amongst authors and readers, the decision was made to increase the frequency of its appearance from two to four numbers a year.

    In the last years ‘Architectus’ was regularly appraised by MNiSW (Ministry of Science and Higher Education) receiving the following number of points: 2009: 4; 2010: 6; 2011: 4; 2012: 4; 2013: 5, 2014: 5, 2015: 9, 2016: 9.

   Since 2012 the journal is indexed in the Index Copernicus international database (ICI Journal Master List; ICI value: 2012 – 5.34, 2013 - 6.31, 2014 - 68.41, 2015 - 74.15, 2016 – 88.84, 2017 – 94.00) as well as in databases: POL-index, Baz-Tech, CEJSH, Arianta.